Explore innovative and inclusive assessment practices aligned with UCT’s Vision 2030's pillars of excellence, transformation, and sustainability at the 2023 Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC). 

Higher education faces a pivotal moment as shifts in teaching modes and technology challenge traditional assessment methods. Our focus on reimagining assessment aims to address inequalities, embrace innovation, and promote academic integrity. Furthermore, the rise of artificial intelligence, ongoing limitations to accessibility and worsening mental health reports prompt critical questions about the purpose of assessment in relation to learning and the meaning of academic integrity.  

Reflecting on societal inequalities, the Curriculum Change Framework (2018) underscores the need to review UCT's assessment practices. This year's UCT TLC centers around "Assessment Entangled: Rethinking for Excellence, Transformation, and Sustainability." 

Scholarly and practice-oriented proposals on the following themes are invited: 

teaching and learning conference 2023 themes table

Presentation at the conference is only open to UCT staff and students (who may work with external contributors). We encourage all UCT staff and students researching higher education or education contexts to attend the conference.    


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