Over the past decade, Universities in South Africa recognised the role of educational technologies as tools to facilitate teaching and learning (Czerniewicz and Brown, 2009; Bozalek et al, 2013). However there remains an economic and moral dilemma for universities in South Africa, as students come from diverse backgrounds, geographical locations, materials and technological capacities and access to ICTs therefore cannot be assumed (Broekman, Enslin and Pendlebury, 2002, Brown, 2014). 


In 2013, the Department of Higher Education and Training commissioned UCT to “investigate whether the financial investment of a personal mobile device, whether on the part of the university or student themselves, adds value to the Teaching and Learning experience”. The overall study is comprised of five institutions namely UJ, UCT, Wits, UFS, SPU. Each institution had to make decisions on how best to structure their project. This selection of presentations will highlight some of the nuanced findings at the various institutions. 


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Date: 21st November 2016

Time: 14h00 to 16h30 (followed by snacks and drinks)

Venue: Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Newlands, Western Cape

Please RSVP Genevieve Haupt, genevieve.haupt@uct.ac.za