Welcome to CILT’s resources to support you with the design of on teaching! Here you will find a range of resources pertaining to course design and teaching approaches created by CILT colleagues specifically to assist UCT staff. Visit Services and Support for immediate help with Amathuba.


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Artificial Intelligence for Teaching & Learning

The availability and uptake of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT is impacting on the ways in which staff and students in universities teach, learn and assess. In response to teaching staff questions and as a way of keeping abreast of developments and issues, we have developed a series of guides for both staff and students.


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Vision 2030 - Digitally Enabled Education

We’re striving to offer education that adapts to the changing technological world and connects to a socially aware diverse student body. UCT emphasises the promotion of engagement with students across multiple modes (in-person and online), which along with well-designed student learning pathways, enhances the student experience and contributes to students’ success.


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Humanising Your Blended Classroom

Humanising your classroom provides an opportunity to create an emotional connection with your students. Four principles guide humanised teaching: trust, empathy, presence and awareness. We need to intentionally build in activities that encourage social inclusion.


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Designing for Blended Learning

The ENABLE framework brings into conversation the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and specifically the CAST UDL Guidelines with curriculum and learning design processes for in-person and online learning in higher education. The framework offers resources that are split into six categories, covering theoretical instructions and tool-based instructions.