CILT outputs 2017

Research outputs

Behari-Leak, K; McKenna, S. 2017. Generic gold standard or contextualised public good? Teaching excellence awards in postal-colonial South Africa, Teaching in Higher Education (1), 408 – 422.

Behari-Leak, K. 2017. New academics, new higher education contexts: a critical perspective on professional development, Teaching in Higher Education (5), 485 – 500.

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Kapepo, M. & Mayisela, T. (2017). Integrating Digital Literacies Into an Undergraduate Course: Inclusiveness Through Use of ICTs. In Ayo, C. K. & Mbarika, V. Handbook of Research on Sustainable ICT Adoption and integration for Socio-Economic Development. IGI Global publisher.

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Swartz, R. (2017).  Educating Emotions in Natal and Western Australia, 1854-1865, Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 18(2). 

Conference presentations:

Carr, T. & Pallitt, N. 2017. Life cycle of an open online course designed as an OER: The case of Facilitating Online. Open Education Global Conference Proceedings, Cape Town, 10 March.

Chihota, J., Harding, G., Louskieter, L., McMillan, J., Mkhonta, S., Njozela, L. & Oliver, S (2017). Engaging the social: Community engaged pedagogy in the context of decolonization and transformation at the University of Cape Town. Paper presented at “Community engagement: towards epistemic and social justice” conference, hosted jointly by Durban University of Technology and Rhodes University, Durban 31 May – 2 June 2017.

Deacon, A; Jaffer, T; Jawitz, J; Small, J and Walji, S (2017).  Wrapped MOOCs: What is being valued and reused?  Presented at the HELTASA Conference. Durban University of Technology Dec 2017. (paper & presentation)

Deacon, A., Jawitz, J., Small, J., Walji, S. (2017). MOOCs and Transitions: Pathways in and out of learning and work. Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial Conference of the South African Society for Engineering Education. (

Deacon, A., Small, J. &  Walji, S. (2017). Designing a framework for making use of MOOCs. Open Education Global Conference Proceedings, Cape Town, 9 March. (Action Lab)

Jawitz, J; Deacon, A; Small, J and Walji, S (2017).  Producing MOOCS: Evaluating Institutional Gains.  Presented at the HELTASA Conference. Durban University of Technology Dec 2017.

Mayisela T. (2017). Exploring open educational practices of first year students at a South African universityOpen Education Global conference Proceedings, 9 March 2017.

McMillan, J. (2017) ‘I think we should ask the question about poverty differently’: Boundary zones, activity theory, civic outcomes and service learning. Paper presented at the IARSLCE conference, University of Galway, Ireland, 14-16 September.

McMillan, J. (2017) ‘I understand that infrastructure affects people’s lives’: deliberative pedagogy and community-engaged learning in a South African engineering curriculum. Paper presented at the IARSLCE conference, University of Galway, Ireland, 14-16 September.

McMillan, J. (2017) Deliberate pedagogy in the community: developing ‘citizen leaders’ and professionals in higher education. Panel presentation at the Talloires Network Leaders conference, University of Veracruz, Mexico, 21-23 June.

Oosthuizen, C. 2017. Improvements to the Video-Editor. Opencast Community Summit 2017 - Valencia, 1 – 3 March. (Video:

Oosthuizen, C. 2017. Using Opencast as the cornerstone for the delivery of interactive, annotated multimedia learning, in Sakai and Tsugi. Open Apereo 2017 - Philadelphia, 4 – 8 June. (Video:

Pallitt, N. 2017. ‘Using Project Sites for student ePortfolios in the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Technology at UCT’ Apereo Africa, Cornerstone InstituteCape Town, 10 May.  (slides

Pallitt, N.; Archer, A.; Weiss, R.; Price, C. & Pearman, A. 2017. Changing Writing Project: Key concepts Pecha-kucha style session. UCT Teaching and Learning Conference, Cape Town, 2 August 2017 (blog post and recordings, official session info)

Pallitt, N.; Govender, S. & Hodgkinson-Williams, C. 2017. Designing Formative Assessment for a blended, block-release course. UCT Teaching and Learning Conference, Cape Town, 2 August 2017, University of Cape Town.

Pallitt, N; Govender, S and Hodgkinson-William, C, 2017. Using voice recordings for formative feedback in a blended, block-release course on online learning design. Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa (HELTASA) 2017 Conference, Durban, 21-24 November.

Pallitt, N.; Venter, A.; Koloko, M. & Walton, M. 2017. Whose ‘Game Culture’ is It, Anyway? Exploring Children’s Gameplay across Cape Town. Panel: Location and Mobility in “Global” Gaming. DiGRA 2017: Digital Games Research Association Conference. Melbourne, Australia (slides, workshop details)

Pallitt, N.; Govender, S. & Hodgkinson-Williams, C. 2017. Using Voice Recordings for Formative Feedback in a Blended, Block-release Course on Online Learning Design. eLearning Africa, Port Louis, Mauritius, 28 September 2017. (slidesabstractprogramme)

Winberg, C; Adendorff, H; Bozalek, V; Conana, H; Pallitt, N & Wolff, K. 2017.  Interdisciplinary dialogues: translating pedagogy for university teachers developing teaching portfolios in STEM fields. Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa (HELTASA) 2017 Conference, Durban, 21-24 November.