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Welcome to The Learning Exchange Podcast

Join CILT Director, Sukaina Walji; Course Development Manager, Janet Small; and Trainee Learning Designer and EdTech Advisor, Benedict Khumalo as they journey through what you can expect from our very first season of The Learning Exchange podcast!

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Exploring AI in Higher Education

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Through Their Eyes: AI From the Student's Perspective

Listen to firsthand accounts from students on how AI tools, specifically generative AI, are shaping their learning experience, the benefits they enjoy, and the hurdles they face, as the higher education environment grapples with this rapidly evolving technology.

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A Research Perspective: Decoding AI Student Usage

This episode sheds light on the innovative ways AI is being utilised by students, its transformative effects on their learning experience, and the ongoing evolution of AI as a tool in academic pursuits.

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Al & Assessments in Humanities and Engineering & Built Environment: An Educational Development Perspective

Join our host and Senior Lecturer Shanali Govender in discussion with Educational Development Teaching Assistant in African Studies and Linguistics, Imrah Adams, and Senior Lecturer, Anita Campbell in the EBE's Academic Support Programme for Engineering in Cape Town (ASPECT) as they take a deep dive into the emergence of AI and it's impact on Assessements in their respective departments.

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Universal Design for Learning

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Universal Design for Learning: Expanding Horizons

Embark on an enlightening journey through the world of education with hosts Abduraoaf and Benedict as they explore the significant impact of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

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Educational Evolution: Embracing Diversity Through UDL

This episode explores how UDL addresses the varied needs of students, moving beyond the traditional 'one-size-fits-all' teaching model. Learn about UDL's integral role in driving forward UCT's strategic vision for an inclusive, diverse academic environment by 2030.

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Breaking Barriers in Education

Take a deep-dive into the Disability Studies in Education course at UCT with Trainer Learning Designer, Benedict, as he illustrates the practical application of UDL principles and their role in promoting an inclusive and diverse learning environment

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Linguistic Landscapes: Redefining Humanities with UDL and Translanguaging

Explore the innovative crossroads of Universal Design for Learning and translanguaging in this insightful dive into Humanities education. Discover the transformative strategies that are redefining the way Humanities courses are taught, ensuring accessibility and enhancing engagement through linguistic diversity.

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Inclusive Learning Frontiers: Activating UDL in 'Disability Studies in Education'

Explore the dynamic influence of Universal Design for Learning in reshaping educational frameworks to embrace every learner. This episode offers a focused look at the 'Disability Studies in Education' course at the University of Cape Town (UCT). 

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What’s your Blend?

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Whats your Blended panel
Blending Tradition with Innovation: in studio with Associate Professor, Jimmy Winfield

In this episode, we welcome Associate Professor Jimmy Winfield, who shares his insights on the power of blended learning in higher education. Discover how the thoughtful integration of online and in-person teaching methods can create more accessible, engaging, and effective learning experiences. Join us as we explore the transformative impact of blended learning at UCT. Download transcript.

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Innovating Language Education: A Blended Approach to Language Learning

Join us in the studio with Dr. Gwen Ortner, inour latest episode of What's Your Blend, as she guides us through language learning in a blended learning context . In this episode, titled 'Innovating Language Education: A Blended Approach to Language Learning,' discover how Dr navigates the challenges of loadshedding, the transition to online platforms, and the pursuit of educational excellence through a blend of traditional and digital teaching methods. Explore the transformative power of blended learning in language education, where technology and tradition unite to create a rich, adaptable, and engaging learning experience. Tune in to uncover the future of language learning, where the echoes of German transcend the classroom walls, reaching learners wherever they are.

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