An online space for teaching and learning, Vula enables lecturers to create responsive and engaging learning experiences for students. Encompassing integrated forums that facilitate open communication, allowing you to create digital courses and add resources that allow students to interact with each other and you, the lecturer, like you would in a classroom.

Vula, UCT’s Online Learning Management System is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Webinar, Workshops & Training

Our workshops and webinars create engaging teaching and learning experiences for both you and your students.

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  • CILT Helpdesk

    Contact or phone 021 650 5500

  • Teaching Resources & Guides

    We have a collection of teaching resources and guides. Please visit: and consult the categories, then the “I want to use tools to” headings.

  • Getting started

  • Course Design

  • Content Creation

    • Using Vula Lessons [doc]

    • Manage Lecture Videos in Vula  [doc] and upload videos  [doc | video]

    • Use Opencast studio to make a screencast [doc | video]

    • Link a Lecture Video to Lessons [doc | video]

    • More about captions in Lecture Videos for staff [doc] and students [doc]
  • Student Engagement

    • Use Lessons page interactivity  [video]

    • Use Forums in Vula [video]

    • Use Chat room in Vula [video]

    • Use Q&A tool in Vula [video]

    • Use Blogs in Vula  [video]

    • Use Vula Analytics [doc]
  • Assessing Learning

    • Use the Assignments in Vula  [doc]

    • Create an assesment using Test and Quizzes in Vula  [video | doc  | doc ]

    • Create an online exam [doc]
  • Further links

    See the CILT Learning Tools page.for other tools such as Turnitin, Zoom, lecture recording and new pilot tools that will integrate with Vula.


Search Help docs

When logged into Vula, the Help tool contains an indexed collection of detailed step-by-step documentation on Vula. Click on 'Help' in the navigation bar in Vula to search, or for context-sensitive help, click on the question icon in the top right-hand corner of any tool.