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For UCT Staff, Teaching Assistants, and Senior Tutors

The emergency remote teaching of 2020 and Physically Distanced Learning of 2021 are giving way to more planned and sustainable systems and processes. We have seen impressive resilience from students and staff and we have learnt from and through this often painful crisis. While we are still immersed in the dilemmas and stresses of pandemic online teaching, we need to consider how teaching and learning at UCT after the pandemic can be enriched by lessons and practices learnt during the pandemic. Some of the key issues that have been highlighted are: compassionate approaches to teaching and learning at individual and institutional levels, building sustainable systems to support teaching and learning in unequal conditions, and developing innovations that can become part of normal teaching and learning practices. 

Teaching and Learning Encounters 2021 is designed to encourage and provoke colleagues across UCT to share insights and reflect on our experiences over the last 18 months, and to dream and plan together for our post-pandemic future. This will encourage online experiences of deep human connection and authentic shared presence in conversations about teaching and learning that matter. We will use a range of asynchronous and synchronous activities, including facilitated processes to unleash the best thinking and creativity in the UCT teaching and learning community. TLE21 is adopting an open space methodology, allowing for participant-initiated engagements, and opportunities for self care and community building. In the build up to TLE21, we'll be adding more information here about the Open Spaces Methodology and how you can propose a conversation or participate in one. 

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This event is open to UCT staff only. Staff on part-time, ad hoc and joint contracts are also eligible.  If you have any further queries, please email cilt.events@uct.ac.za