The Staff Development team at CILT engages in research-led practice, focusing on the professionalisation of teaching at UCT through:

  • knowledge development in the field of teaching and learning,
  • capacity building amongst staff,
  • supporting communication and networking across the institution,
  • and the location and development of resources for teaching.

Staff development activities range from formal, accredited qualifications to informal learning opportunities.

The staff development team teaches on various non-credit-bearing short courses, using a variety and blend of modes including contact, block-release, online, intensive, and episodic. Please follow the links to find out more about these programmes:

New Academic Practitioners Programme (NAPP)

CILT Events

Supporting Emerging Academics’ Teach

The staff development team are involved with running various seminars and workshops over the course of the year.  Members of the team run the Teach with Technology series, and department- or faculty-based workshops on request. These workshops and seminars are intended to support knowledge and capacity building, and networking within the UCT community.  All categories of staff are very welcome to attend or make requests.

The Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) project aims to provide evidence-based research from a number of countries in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South / South East Asia. The primary objective of the programme is to improve educational policy, practice, and research in developing countries by better understanding the use and impact of OER.

  • Informal engagements

The staff development team also works with individual staff or projects. Staff may request observations or consultations to address particular interests or challenges. If staff have a particular question or issue of interest, a Short Course in Teaching group (TSCOT group) may be established.

We invite staff to contact us for more information about how we can support your teaching practices.