UCT Framework for Teaching and Learning

In 2022, UCT will continue with a low-density campus model which makes use of on-campus, in person and online teaching. In the Framework for Undergraduate Teaching and Learning in 2022 approved by Senate, UCT committed to bringing students back onto campus for teaching and learning within the parameters of the pandemic regulations.  There is an emphasis on increasing in-person contact teaching and promoting engagement with students across multiple modes, which along with well designed student learning pathways, enhances the student experience and contributes to students’ success. 

While UCT remains a contact based residential university, UCT’s Vision 2030 promotes a digitally enabled education (DEE) system that supports student success in inclusive and equitable ways. We’re striving to offer education that adapts to the changing technological world and connects to a socially aware diverse student body.

Embraces different modes of provision
  • Includes online, blended and in-person teaching and learning, where appropriate.
  • Promotes the adoption of relevant pedagogies and learning tools for different disciplines.
  • Gives students support and opportunities to learn and use the latest technologies and develop knowledge and digital literacies through innovative curricula.
 Builds a vibrant learning community
  • Fosters respectful and meaningful relationships between lecturers and students through appropriate levels of in-person or online contact teaching that include lectures, tutorials and group work.
  • Facilitates opportunities for students to contribute their knowledge and learn from each other through teaching that encourages peer interaction and supports independent study.
Create an integrated teaching and learning ecosystem
  • Creates a teaching and learning ecosystem that promotes an integrated student learning experience.
  • Reimagines the use of physical space to allow for more flexible and accessible learning experiences.
  • Enables increased digital access across campus including network access, devices and power sources.