The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) enjoys a long-standing history  leading and  hosting  research and implementation initiatives on openness in higher education, including open access, open educational resources (OER),  open data and open scholarship. Through this work, the Centre has developed expertise open education research,as well as technical implementation.

The work has been supported grant funders, such as Canada’s International Development Research Centre and the Andrew Mellon Foundation, and undertaken in collaboration with various parties, such as UCT Libraries, the UCT Intellectual Property Unit, and the Open African Innovation Research (OpenAIR) network. 

CILT plays an ongoing role in advocacy work, engaging institutional managers and policy-makers institutionally and nationally  to promote a deeper understanding of open education policy issues in the South African context.

The unit hosts visitors, presents seminars and runs workshops on all educational matters open and provides advice to academics interested in open approaches to knowledge creation and sharing.

CILT has hosted the following open education initiatives:

Useful resources

For more information on CILT open education agenda and support services, contact Dr Glenda Cox.