Enable Infographic
The ENABLE (Enabling accessible blended learning) framework consists of six elements. The elements are Deliberative course planning, Student-centred learning, Responsive teaching and online engagement, Flexible assessment and feedback, Expansive evaluation and reflection, and Accessible course materials and technologies. The ENABLE diagram conveys how Accessible course materials and technologies is inherent in each of the other six elements and that the process of working through the elements is iterative and non-sequential. A seventh element, Communication, represents the importance of unambiguous communication within each of the six elements.

Enabling Accessible Blended Learning for Equity (ENABLE) framework

The ENABLE framework brings into conversation the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and specifically the CAST UDL Guidelines with curriculum and learning design processes for in-person and online learning in higher education. The framework offers resources split into six categories, covering theoretical instructions and tool-based instructions.

To find the resource you are looking for, first navigate to the category in which it might fall:

  1. Deliberative course planning
  2. Student-centred learning
  3. Responsive teaching
  4. Flexible Assessment and feedback
  5. Expansive evaluation and reflection
  6. Accessible materials and technologies