Yakhuluntu Dubazana

Trainee Learning Designer
Yakhuluntu has completed her Master’s in Environmental and Geographical Science. She joined CILT as an Educational Technology Advisor in June 2021, under the Redesigning Blended Course project. She worked on various initiatives such as Rapid Refresh for courses in 2021 and on supporting teaching staff migrating to a new Learning Management Platform known as Amathuba. She has helped teaching staff develop their skillsets in Universal Design for Learning and increase student engagement to perform at full capacity in the classroom. She's also inspired to design learning platforms that create an allowance and an intuitive end-user (student) experience. Yakhuluntu is passionate about championing inclusive and accessible education and has been part of the project advocacy work creating resource materials including video script writing on applying UDL. She continues to work in concert with the CILT team to create positive change.