Tasneem Jaffer

Senior Project Co-ordinator and Online Learning Designer
Tasneem is an Online Learning Designer and Project Co-ordinator for the UCT Formal Online Project and a researcher on the MOOC Takers Research Project. She worked in the field of user experience (UX), where she used her analytical and research skills to recommend best practices and ways in which to improve the usability of government websites. She completed her Master's degree in educational technology in 2016 where her research topic focused on students' perceptions of wrapped MOOCs at UCT. She has an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, which had a strong impact on her analysis and technical background. She is obsessed with learning and information, with a strong interest in MOOCs which she believes has formed the perfect foundation for her job as a learning designer. She is really interested in learning the workings of designing blended and online courses and as a serial MOOC taker, she is excited to experience the behind the scenes aspects of creating a MOOC. Tasneem has designed multiple MOOCs for the Coursera platform and is currently working on coordinating and developing online degrees.