Nawaal Deane

Head: Online Education and Course Curriculum Design

Nawaal Deane is the Head: Online and Course Curriculum Design. She leads a dynamic group composed of the Learning Design team, Digital Media Unit, and Digital Design team, she assumes a pivotal role in the development of course curricula for both formal and short courses offered at the institution.

Nawaal's expertise lies in ensuring that the work of the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) aligns seamlessly with UCT's visionary 2030 goals, particularly by contributing to the university's digital-enabled education strategy. With her strategic guidance, Nawaal plays a crucial part in advancing UCT's commitment to excellence in education and embracing cutting-edge digital technologies.

Her journey with CILT commenced as she spearheaded the media team, where she adeptly managed the production of 24 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). During this tenure, Nawaal showcased her ingenuity by spearheading the creation and project management of CILT's innovative One Button Studios, revolutionary automated video recording facilities, and a state-of-the-art podcast studio.

Before her illustrious tenure at CILT, Nawaal amassed over a decade of experience as an award winning journalist, excelling in both print and broadcast media. Additionally, she made a noteworthy impact while working at UCT's Communications and Marketing department, and even embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, successfully running her own online production company.

Nawaal's quest for knowledge led her to obtain a Masters in Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation from UCT's esteemed Graduate School of Business, further solidifying her expertise in the field of education to impact on making education accessible for all.