Coursera for UCT makes available the 19 University of Cape Town created courses to students, alumni and staff for free

With a UCT email login, you will have premium access to the UCT created courses and specialisations on Coursera. You will be able to fully participate in courses, post in course discussion forums, and earn certificates for successfully completed courses.

Enrol in highly-rated courses developed and taught by UCT academics. in subjects that include inclusive education, fintech, Julia programming, climate change adaptation, statistics for clinical research, and more. We present our UCT Coursera courses grouped in ‘programmes’ with a more UCT focus. 

We have set things up so you can now login to Coursera using a UCT email login. This is the same single sign-on login process used by students, staff and alumni for access to Brightspace and other UCT online services.

This allows UCT students and staff to receive free Coursera certificates for any of the UCT Coursera courses.

You can view the UCT Courses page here

We have prepared a short guide for UCT students to login as a reference.

The basic login process that students should use is as follows (also applied to staff using their UCT addresses). This should greatly simplify how students sign up to Cousera courses:

  1. Go to: UCT learning programmes on Coursera 

  2. Click 'Join' and then 'Log in with University of Cape Town'

  3. You will be returned to UCT log in

  4. [First time only] You will then go to Coursera and start the short sign up process

  5. [First time only] Indicate either new user or existing user, and then either enter previous set credentials or set a new backup password
  6. You should now be logged in!   Afterwards all subsequent logins will automatically be logged in through this account.